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RTL Pack

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Whether its for your kids or for a great present, you can’t go wrong with the RTL Pack. It gives your kids the opportunity to try all five of our fun smelling, natural products!

*For list of ingredients, please view each individual product page.

All Natural and Organic

Things that ROCK!

  • Safe for all Ages
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • NO sulfates, alcohol, parabens and Gluten Free
  • Lightweight formulas
  • Fun Funky packaging that kids LOVE
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The natural and organic hair product line FOR KIDS.

Rock The Locks was an idea that formulated between two working moms with children. Friends Joie McKim and Lori Derr shared a common trait in using safe and natural products for their kids. The problem was, safe and natural products were either hard to find, or the pricing was out of reach for most working moms.

The solution: create a natural and organic product line exclusively for kids. This idea and common goal led to the formulation of Rock The Locks; the ALL SPRAY, organic and natural hair product FOR KIDS.